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Xiaomi launches a Portable Mouse in India at just 499 INR

Xiaomi is known for its variety of products in the eco-system that they are building. We have seen a lot of products coming from Xiaomi in India apart from the smartphones in this market. We all know the fact that this Chinese tech giant is very much appropriate to its price range of all the products they launch. In this series, Xiaomi has today launched its new Portable Mouse in India at the price tag of just 499 INR.

Mi Portable Wireless Mouse

The company has officially made this product available on its online store from today. The design of this mouse is ergonomic and fits better according to the hands. Mi Portable Wireless Mouse lasts longer as it has quite enough battery that will make it comfortably portable. This device weighs just 56 grams, which is light compared to other mice available in the market.

This Mouse supports 1 AA battery, which comes a first time in the mouse itself. The Company claims It is Comfort Infused Design. The curves are very much comfortable for the hands. It will probably not affect the hands if used for a longer period of time. Additionally, The design of this mouse is quite amazing. It features a round-shaped design on the top of the mouse, which has the right & left buttons along with the scroll bar. It also has a button in the scroll bar as well.

This Mouse comes in two color variants, White & Black. The USB connector that comes in the box is also of the same color as the mouse. It is small and easily accessible within the mouse itself, so you can take it out and keep it in the mouse as well. The Mouse features a button on the back which allows the user to switch this on and off. This mouse has a DPI of 1200 which works flawlessly. The company claims for this mouse to have a Battery life of 12 months in one go.

You can purchase this mouse from the online stores of Xiaomi India. Click Here to purchase this compact little mouse in 499 INR! Both the color variants are available right now.

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This was all about the latest product from Xiaomi India. Are you going to purchase this mouse? Or You will just skip this one for something more related to gaming? Let us know through the comments. Also, share your feedback, suggestions, queries in the comments. Follow us on social media platforms to get the latest update on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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