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OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirms 120Hz display on their next smartphone

OnePlus CEO has confirmed that the company is going to launch its next major smartphone with a 120 Hz display. Apparently, OnePlus has already launched its (now) mid-range smartphone OnePlus 7T with the refresh rate of 90Hz. So, It can be assumed that the next smartphone from the company is going to be OnePlus 8 and it will feature the 120 Hz display.

Pete Lau has also sent a note to the source claiming the device as “the best smartphone in 2020”. Noting that, We can definitely see what is coming from OnePlus this year. If it is going to be true, We will see a lot of competition in the smartphone market. Some of the companies have already launched their smartphones with 120Hz display but the claim has something to do with the quality.

OnePlus is working on additional features that will smoothen the experience on their 120Hz display. The Company ensured this by working with Samsung on the OLED screens for their device. OnePlus is also working on Android Gestures and Animations that will make the User Experience on their next smartphone better. All the way OnePlus is really going to make their next smartphone interestingly smooth.


The Company is willing to use a custom MEMC (motion estimation/motion compensation) chip. This will insert extra frames into the video which will enhance the quality to make it up to 120Hz compatible. According to the source, the smartphone will have the toggle to abruptly switch this feature on and off. According to the Source, OnePlus might be working for the MEMC along with the pop-up mechanism again on their next smartphone.

OnePlus also claimed that their screens can hit 1000 nits brightness for the HDR content which will apparently provide the user with better quality outdoor as well. The company has also claimed the touch sampling rate on their smartphone to go up to 240Hz along with the support to 10-bit colors. All in all, This smartphone is going to make some great achievements in the market for the features, as always.

Although, there are many smartphones that came with 120 Hz display in 2019. Razr Phone 2 and Asus ROG Phone 2 were the smartphones that could make it to the battle last year. Apparently, Samsung Galaxy S Series is also expected to launch with a 120Hz display on the 11th Feb, this year. With the improved quality, the Price tag might go a little above from what we have seen till now.

This year, We are going to see a lot of smartphones coming with 120 Hz display and many more technologies. It is interesting to see How OnePlus will beat the competition as they claim. However, We have seen OnePlus users be very happy about the experience they get on the OxygenOS (we too loved it). The Close to Stock experience on the OOS is definitely to go for.

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