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Facebook won’t allow to sign up on Messenger with Phone number now

Facebook has rolled out an update that won’t allow anyone to sign-up on Messenger with their Phone Numbers. With this, Facebook will not support User Sign Up with Phone Numbers only. In order to use Facebook Messenger, A User will have to register their Facebook account.

Before this, Anyone could register only on messenger with their phone number without having any facebook account. But, Facebook has stopped the support to sign up any sign-ups directly on its Messaging platform, Messenger. However, this move of Facebook was not smooth. Some of the users reported they experienced an Error stating their account is restricted.

Messenger Screenshot

Facebook has told to VentureBeat, It no longer allows anyone to sign up on Messenger without having a Facebook account. Previously, Facebook Messenger used to provide an alternative to sign up using Phone Number. This did not need any facebook account to sign up on Messenger before.

“If you’re new to Messenger, you’ll notice that you need a Facebook account to chat with friends and close connections”, said the spokesperson to the Source. This might be a step forward to the Unification of Facebook’s three platforms Whatsapp, Instagram & Messenger. Facebook has stopped the support from immediate action. You will not be able to sign up on Messenger without any Facebook account.

Over to You

As Facebook has already invested in a Gaming Startup, It is really going to make it a big thing for the users. The Company has recently launched the merged Branding for the Parent brand, Facebook. Also, Facebook-owned Whatsapp, Instagram & Messenger are also going to unify according to the various discussions. And Now, Facebook not allowing the users to sign up on Messenger without an Account.

Definitely, The Company is going to do something awesome next year. We are excited about this brand. Also, We are still waiting for the dark mode to come officially on our WhatsApp. This was all about facebook’s latest update on its messaging platform.

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