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Top 7 Best to-do list apps for Android in 2021

If you are someone who is actively handling a lot of essential tasks, you can’t risk them. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, we have everything on our mobile phones.

Even if you need to add a note or click a picture, you do everything through your smartphones. You can create tasks & manage them according to your schedule.

Your mobile phone will remind you about the task that you need to finish. Mobile phones have made our life more comfortable. We are sharing some of the best to-do list apps for your android smartphones:

Download best To-Do List Apps for Android

Here are some of the most exciting to-do list apps that you must try:


Anydo app icon

AnyDo is a fantastic platform to create to-do lists. There are a lot of things that you will love about this app. It has a minimalistic design, which looks modern & clean.

You can add tasks, manage them, set a reminder & more on this app. You can even set daily reminders according to your preference. They also have a calendar view to manage everything in one place.

This application is available for most platforms, including Android, iOS, etc. If you subscribe to the paid plan, you get to use additional features.

Google Tasks

Google tasks app icon

Google Tasks is another application that you can try. Google is already famous for its quality, design & approach. With only the required stuff, it is a lot cleaner application than others.

There is nothing extra apart from the ability to add tasks & manage them. You can also set reminders for your tasks. This app includes the dark mode as well.

You can access the tasks from Gmail on pc as well. However, there is no specific platform of Google Tasks available for web/pc. So, you have to use Gmail’s sidebar to access your task on pc.


Todoist app icon

Todoist is also a great application that you can consider for your to-do list app. You can manage all the tasks in an organized manner. This app allows you to group & create subtasks as well.

With the planner included in this app, you can plan your upcoming days. Get reminders as scheduled for each task in notifications. Not only this, you can even access todoist from the web platform as well.

This app also allows you to collaborate with others. You can track your habits with daily routines within the app. It also has Dark Mode for the people who prefer all-black backgrounds.

Google Keep

Google Keep app icon

Google Keep is the second app from Google in this list. Trust us; they deserve this one as well. You must have heard of Google Keep for a lot of things.

You can use this platform as a task managing app as well. This app allows you to create as many lists as you want to make. You can do a lot of other stuff on Google Keeps apart from managing your to-do list.

Keep also has a web interface where you can manage everything. You can add images, reminders, add collaborators, draw & much more. This way, you will only require just one app for all of these tasks.

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft todo app icon

Microsoft also has an excellent application for organizing your tasks. You can personalize your lists accordingly (appearance, icons & much more). Also, it allows integration with other services from Microsoft.

You can access all your tasks from their web portal as well. The design is clean & modern, includes a lot of themes as well. The User Experience of this application is more comfortable.

It sends you regular notifications for reminders you add to the list. Also, it includes the dark mode & other appearance features in the app. You can even add the widget to your home screen as well.


Notion app icon

Notion is a rapidly growing platform for Notes, Tasks & much more. Most of the organizations, teams prefer Notion over others (including us). This platform motivates for increasing productivity.

It organizes everything in a well-managed hierarchical order. You can choose any template from a lot of available there. Everything is accessible from the sidebar.

You can organize your day with the calendar planner templates. Not only this, you can add multimedia, HTML code & much more to your lists. It is more like a notebook to handle everything in one place.


Ticktick app icon

TickTick is also an innovative app that you can use for increasing productivity. It includes the usual features of a task app along with additional ones.

It can track the time for any activity you do. With the Pomo Timer, you can follow the amount of time you utilized in a particular activity. It also allows you to access everything from various platforms (web, tablet, etc.)

You can add collaborators to the activities, allowing them to comment & collaborate. It also includes the functionality to track your habits. The appearance of this app is clean too.


That’s all about the Top 7 Best To-Do List Apps for Android. If you feel something missing from this list, let us know in the comments. 

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