Top 7 Best To-Do List Apps for Android in 2020

Looking for a To-Do List/Task App for Android? You are in the right place. We are going to share some of the Best To-Do List Apps that you can download on your Android smartphone. All of these apps have their own unique features & design, So choose which you like.

There are many features that you can get in a To-Do list app. The first thing that it should have is the ability to set reminders. To-Do lists are only useful if they can remind the user about the task. Also, It should sync our list on the web as well, So, We can check our tasks directly from the PC/Laptop.

To-Do List is better if it has more features like Notes. If you get the option to keep all your additional notes directly in the List, It would save your time and space for other apps. Also, To-Do Apps should have Clean & Clear UI as it doesn’t require to be fancy at all. These apps will work perfectly fine even if they have no extra design/gradient.

The apps are selected on the basis of the number of installs, user ratings, reviews & other measures. Most of the apps available here are free of cost on Google Play Store. If you are facing any problems, let us know through the comments.

Download Best To-Do List Apps for Free


Any.Do is one of the best To-Do List apps that you can download from the Google Play Store. If you are looking for great UI/UX in your Tasks app, Any.Do is the one made for you. It has various features that make it one of the Best To-Do List App in the store.

This is a very popular app in the To-Do List Apps Category. There are multiple things that this app can do. It comes with the Calendar widget as well. This app syncs all your tasks on their online platform. You can access your To-Do list directly on your PC/Laptop.

The app lets you customize everything according to you. However, Most of the interesting features require the Paid Subscription. You can even add tasks from your mail platforms. You can share the list with others and assign the task as well from this application.

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Todoist is another one of the best to-do list apps you can get for android. There are various features that you would like about the Todoist app. Plan your day with Todoist & it will remind you about all the tasks. You can add tasks very easily in simple steps.

This app allows you to track & maintain your habits and goals. You can add any of your habits and this will remind you about the task daily. You can even prioritize your tasks according to their priority and importance. Also, Track your progress in the app.

You can share the tasks with others and assign them accordingly. Also, This app allows integration with different apps like Gmail, Google Calendar, Slack, Alexa & much more. You can even use this application on your Smartwatches & with Assistants as well.

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is also a great To Do List app, made by Microsoft. It has great UI/UX as it is coming from Microsoft. It works perfectly fine on every android smartphone. You can personalize everything in the app according to your choice including colors, theme, etc.

It works smoothly on your device. Microsoft To Do app can become your daily planner as it plans your whole day. You can access the lists anywhere as it syncs the list to your Web platforms as well. Also, You can even share the lists with others from the app itself.

You can note down detailed tasks within the app so you don’t need another app to write the details about the task. Appaently, you can also attach files to individual tasks. You can do various tasks on the app including Bill planner, Shopping List, Reminders, Task Managers & much more.

Google Tasks

Google Tasks is a great application that manages all your tasks, developed by Google. It is a simple and classy application with not many extra features on the app. You can manage the tasks easily on this app in just simple ways.

You can also add any additional info to the tasks from the note. Also, You can set reminders that will allow the app to remind you about the task. Even, you can mark the task as complete from the notification panel as well. You can sort the tasks by dragging up and downs.

Google Task work directly from your Gmail. As you can access the Tasks from Gmail’s Web portal. Also, You can add the tasks directly from the Google Calendar as well. If you are a part of any business on GSuite, You can share tasks with other colleagues as well.

Google Keep

Google Keep is another application made by Google which you can use as a To-Do List app. Although this is not actually meant to work as the Tasks app, we can use it as one though. This app can let you make notes in the form of simple text, list, drawings, etc.

You can make lists in the application. So, It works perfectly fine as your Task app on the smartphone. You can access the lists in Google Keep on your PC and Laptop as well, as it syncs over the web. Also, You can add different colors to the List in this app.

You can also pin the tasks on the top so that they are easily accessible. You can mark the tasks done from the lists whenever they are done. And, You can also set reminders to the lists from the app itself. Also, share the tasks with others & collaborate with them.


TickTick is another application that you can try as your To-Do list app on your Android Smartphone. You can download the application directly from Google Play Store for free. It is a simple yet innovative app that can help you manage your tasks.

This app can help you set your goals and perform tasks accordingly. You can even categorize the tasks with different tags or other means. You can check the statistics of your productivity. It is very easy to Use & manage the application.

You can sync all your tasks from this app to other platforms across Web, Mac & Windows. You can even use Voice Input to create new tasks in the app. This app sends you the notifications when you have reminders about any task. You can also add its widget on your home screen.


If you are looking for lightweight & simple to do list app, Stuff is for you. This app is a simple yet amazing To-Do List app that helps you to manage your tasks. The app has got a minimalistic design that makes it one of the best to-do list apps for android.

In just one click, you can manage your tasks by adding, editing, and organizing the task. It is a power-efficient app that will work smoothly on any of the older devices as well. This is an ad-free application as claimed by the Developer.

The app allows you to add widgets that are customizable according to your preference. The minimalistic widget can also make your home screen look better. You can mark the task as complete easily from the widgets as well as the application on your smartphone.


Why should you download a To-Do List app?

First of all, you can manage all your tasks within your smartphone. This will help you grow your productivity whenever you see the list of the tasks you need to do.

It also prevents the use of paper as you can edit, delete, add, and manage tasks directly on your smartphone. Managing tasks and scheduling tasks was never easier than this.

All you need to do is set a reminder about the deadline of the task & the apps will automatically remind you about the work that you need to do.

You can do it in other ways as well, like using Your Ex’s Chat account if they blocked you :p. But still, The chat apps won’t remind you about the task’s deadline, these to-do list apps will.

Final Verdict

These were all the Best To-Do List Apps that you can download on your Android Smartphone. If you have any suggestions regarding this list and want us to update it, let us know. Also, tell us about your experience while using one of these Best To-Do List Apps on your smartphone.If you have any queries/suggestions/feedback for us, let us know through the comments. Also, Share this with your friends and let them know about these Best To-Do List apps that they can try to organize their tasks. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for more updates on Technology, Android, Leaks, NEWS & much more.

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