Top 7 Best SMS Apps for Android in 2020

Looking for an alternative to your default SMS app on Android? We are here with the solution you need. We are going to share some of the Best SMS Apps that you can download on your android smartphone.

SMS are too old but we still need to manage them on our device. We get OTPs, Confirmations & much more through SMS. Also, As these SMS does not require any active internet plan to be sent or received, we get a good option for messaging.

Most of the companies nowadays give Free SMS with most of the plans available. You can use these SMS apps on your smartphone to chat offline, do pranks, and much more. Also, there are some applications that block Spam Senders if you enable the spam-protection.

There are various SMS apps available in the market with various features that you would love. Most of the apps are free of cost. You can even access some of these platforms on the web & check the messages directly on your PC/Laptop.

Download Best SMS Apps for Free

Download any of these apps on your Android Smartphone from Google Play Store, free of cost. There are various unique features in all of these applications that will make you install these apps on your smartphone.

You can choose the apps based on the priority of the features you want from them. Download these applications from the link given below of each app in the list. Let us begin with the 7 Best SMS Apps for Android to download for free.

Google Messages

One of the Best & Amazing Messaging app that We would recommend you any day. You can get an idea about the quality when Google is the maker of this app. There are various features that you would like about this app. It is available for free of cost.

What makes it different is the feature that allows you to sync all your messages on the web. You can visit the web portal of the app on PC/Laptop & Scan the QR code through the app to manage SMS directly from PC.

You can easily send pictures, videos & audio directly through the app. Also, With the recent updates, Google Messages is bringing RCS (Chat feature). With this, You can chat with your friends over the internet from this app as well. You could even know when the sender is typing.

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Signal Private Messenger

Concerned about your privacy, This one is for you. Signal Private Messenger is like what it says. This app is end-to-end encrypted and privacy is the top-most priority in this app. Also, It has an amazing UI that you will definitely love while using this app.

Signal Private Messenger is a fast messenger as the developer claims. This app is optimized to work on all network quality. This is an app that contains No Ads, No Trackers, etc. There are various things that you will like about this app when you use it.

You can use this app as your default SMS app on the smartphone & get all the SMS delivered fastly and on the encrypted channel as well. Also, You can send Photos directly through this application. Even You can also invite your friends on Signal and Chat with taking care of your privacy.

SMS Organizer by Microsoft

SMS Organizer is one of the messaging apps that organizes all your SMS in an arranged manner. If you are someone who likes to filter the SMS and check them according to the priority, you are going to love this app. The design of this app is just AMAZING!

This app can filter all your messages in different labels present on the app. There are labels like Promotions, Transactions, Offers, General, etc which will automatically filter the SMS in these folders. You can even track Railway Booking on the app itself

There are automatic reminders about the travels & much more fetched from the SMS. Also, This can create a passbook of bank accounts based on SMS directly on the app if you give permission. You can also type SMS with your Voice input as well. Various other features including Dark Mode are present on this app.


Yeah, This is the Messenger app that you use to chat with your Facebook Friends. Well, This app could also work as your default SMS app. As of today, We have this app installed always on our smartphone, Why to install another app for SMS particularly?

Messenger allows you to send and receive SMS messages directly from the app itself. There are most features that you already like about this application. This app is one of the Best SMS apps that you can try directly on your smartphone.

To use Messenger as your SMS app, You need to just enable the SMS options from the settings. Now, You are good to go. You also get Chat heads for the SMS as well which you see while chatting on the app. Most of the chat features are applicable to SMS as well.

Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is another one of the Best SMS apps that you can install on your Android device for free. It has got various features that you will like about this app. This is a Simple and Clean Messaging app that you can choose as your next default SMS app.

Chomp SMS is very customizable when it comes to using it as per your choice and preference. It is most likely similar to your default app at the first but you can make it interesting using all the features that it gives. It also keeps backup of SMS.

You can restore the backups whenever you want from the app. Also, this app allows you to enable Passcode within the app so that you don’t need any additional app lock for this app. You can use any Emoji style that you like from Android, Twitter, iOS style, etc on the app.

Textra SMS

Textra SMS is another popular application that people use as their Messaging app on Android smartphones. It is a clean and simple Communication app that is highly customizable. There are a lot of features that you can explore this app.

This app lets you customize the whole experience according to your choice. From picking font style to selecting which emoji to display in the messages, You can mostly customize this app completely. You can even set the message display type like bubbles, simple or any other.

The developer of this app and the previous one (Chomp SMS) are the same. You get similar features on these apps. This app is also compatible with Android Auto & You can even check the messages directly on your Smartwatch due to support of Android wear.

Pulse SMS

Pulse is another one of the Best SMS apps available for Android devices. This is a beautifully designed app that comes with a minimalistic approach. There are various other features that make it a unique SMS app in itself from the others.

Pulse is a completely free application and the developer claims to serve NO ADS on the app. Also, The developer states that they don’t collect or send your data. There are multiple interesting animations that you will love about this application.

Other features include Password protection on the app to secure the content. You can blacklist spammers directly within the app. It also suggests Smart Replies within the conversations. It also shares a preview of the Weblinks. You can even sync the messages to the Web portal of the Application.


Why should I download another SMS app?

There are various features that are not easily available on the default SMS app that comes with your smartphone. Most of the apps have developed too many features that are extraordinary and are very popular amongst users.

If you don’t like the default SMS app in terms of anything including Design, Customization, Development, You should download another one from Best SMS apps shared here.

Is it safe to use an SMS app other than the default one?

Android gives this opportunity to the user to let them decide which app they would like to use as default. You can change the default SMS app to these and enjoy it without any issues. Android itself allows the users to change the app and use any replacement instead.

So, you are completely safe until and unless you download the app from a trusted source. We have shared the links of only trusted Google Play Store portals. Make sure, Play Protect on your device is turned on.

Final Words

So, These are some of the Best SMS Apps that you can download for your Android device from Google Play Store. We have tried to include all of the best & popular app which the users prefer the most on this list. If you have any suggestions regarding the list, Do let us know through the comments.

The list of Best SMS Apps includes the most trusted & user-friendly applications. If you have any queries/suggestions/feedback, Let us know through the comments. Share this with your friends to tell them about these Cool & Best SMS Apps that they can download on their smartphones. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to get the latest updates on Technology, Android, Leaks, NEWS & much more.

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