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Top 7 Best photo gallery apps for Android in 2021

Are you bored with the regular gallery app? We were too. But, not now. We will share a bunch of fantastic photo gallery apps that you can use on your smartphone.

Gallery apps are one of the most common apps that we use regularly. For seeing your old photos or the ones which you just captured, you require the Gallery app.

By the end of this article, you will have many apps to use as your go-to Photo Gallery app. Let’s dive in & see which gallery app suits you the best.

Download best photo gallery apps on Android for free

Here are the top 7 apps that you can use as your default Gallery apps on Android:

Google Photos

Google Photos

It is the one app that we would prefer the most amongst all others. Google Photos is a fantastic app if you are looking for the best experience.

Google is known for building unique products. They have created a perfect platform to access all your photos & videos. Not only this, you can access every photo & video from everywhere.

We liked the User Interface of this application & the credibility of Google as well. You can also choose which folder to backup & sync with your Google account.

Simple Gallery

Simple Gallery

As the name says, Simple Gallery is an effortless application. This app is for those who want to use the gallery for basic functionality. 

It is a lightweight application that won’t take bulky space from your phone’s storage. There are a lot of ways you can customize the look of your app accordingly. It also features an image editor.

They have a pro version as well, which will add various additional features to the app. However, you can add security features to the free version as well.

Memoria Photo Gallery

Memoria Photo Gallery

Memoria is another application that seems interesting as a Photo Gallery app. The developers showcase the app with highly customizable features.

It has a simple interface to navigate between your photos & videos on the device. You can even set the number of columns you want to see.

There are various options available to filter & group your photos in the app. The application includes great looks & design. Along with that, some gestures on this app make the task easier.

Gallery Go

Gallery Go

Gallery Go is another application from Google. It is a lightweight application that you must have guessed from its name ‘Go.’ 

However, it does all the works that a typical photo gallery app would do. You can enjoy the experience of a Google app, even on a low-spec phone.

It is a fast application & still able to sync your photos with Google Photos. It also comes with the Dark Mode. You can also edit pictures on this app.

Camera Roll

Camera Roll

Camera Roll is a treasure application that we have found till now. We are using this application for a very long time now.

The app includes a significant effect while transitioning through photos. The app shows pictures & videos with a minimalistic approach. Also, It is a lightweight & fast application.

There are a lot of things that you can do with this app, including editing your photos, hidden folders, etc. Camera Roll allows you to bundle different photos & videos into particular albums.

A+ Gallery

A+ Gallery

A+ Gallery is another exciting yet straightforward application that you can use. It organizes our photos & videos correctly.

You can filter out the photos & videos according to locations, time & much more. You can set the looks of your application. Interestingly, you can even find the images according to colors through this app.

It also includes the Vault to secretly hiding your private files. There are various themes that you can choose for your app.

Gallery – Best & Ad-free

Gallery - Best & Ad-free

It is also one of the best photo gallery apps you would find on the Google Play Store. This app has got the fantastic User Interface required for a Gallery application.

You can get the same feel as Google Photos on this application without needing online access. It can also bundle photos based on faces using AI.

The app has got minimalistic design. You can categorize your photos accordingly on this app. Also, you can create collages from your photos directly in this application.

Final Words 

That was all about the best photo gallery apps for Android. If you have any suggestions, let us know through the comments. 

We have tried to include as exciting applications as we could. Are we missing any of your favorite gallery app on the list? Let us know & we’ll add that too.

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