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Top 7 Best messaging apps for Android in 2021

Are you looking for a messaging app that comes with a lot of features? We are sharing some of the best messaging apps for your Android smartphone. Messaging is the best way to have a conversation with your friends, family, or even clients nowadays.

What if you can handle everything with just one app? All the SMS & personal chats from a single app? We have already covered that in the latter part of this article. Without any delay, let’s dive into the pool of best messaging apps.

Download free Messaging Apps for android

Here are some of the free & best messaging apps for android that you can try:


Signal app icon

The signal app is one of the most trending applications after the WhatsApp policy changes. The Signal is not only famous for its privacy features, but it does a lot more than that. 

They have done a fabulous job of combining SMS as well as social “private” chats. All the messages that you send on Signal are end-to-end encrypted. 

It also got famous when the leaders from the tech industry recommended using Signal. The user interface is cleaner & there are a lot of features related to privacy, etc.


Telegram app icon

Telegram is the next big app that we would like to recommend. It is already famous for having unique features. You get to use channels, groups, bots & much more other than private chats. 

You can enjoy animated stickers with almost every emoji that you send. They have their application available for most of the platforms. 

You don’t require to install telegram on your phone to access it from pc. You can even try their Telegram X application with additional features than the regular version if you want.


Messenger app icon

Messenger, as you know from Facebook, is a great messaging app as well. You can access your local SMS through this application.

Not only this, you can even integrate Insta DMs linked to your account & access them from Messenger. Apart from getting messages from Instagram or SMS, you can also message your Facebook friends.

Facebook has also launched Messenger lite, which is a lite version of Messenger. IT takes less space & provides all functionality in fewer data.

Google Messages

Google Messages app icon

Google Messages is another one of the best SMS apps that you would prefer to install on your phone. As we like the clean interface of google apps, Message is just another one. 

You can use Messages as your default messaging app for SMS. Google has also started allowing chats over the Internet through RCS on its app.

It means you will be able to use Messages as a chatting app as well, without paying extra. It depends on your location & the operator you are using on your device.

SMS Organizer

SMS Organizer app icon

SMS Organizer is another application that you can use for literally organizing the SMS. They have various labels where They have different label groups that will combine your messages accordingly. 

It includes combining messages like transactional, promotional, etc. That way, you only have to focus on what you require.

They have a bunch of options available for customization. You can change the appearance using themes, styles, etc. By the way, it is a product of Microsoft.

Pulse SMS

Pulse sms app icon

Pulse SMS is an application that is a perfect match if you are looking clean & straightforward SMS app. They have the most explicit interface for an SMS application on android.

You can change the way it appears through themes, modes & much more. It also allows you to send GIFs, locations, media & much more to your contacts.

Also, you can preview webpages & youtube videos directly in the app. You can even sync your conversations from your phone to your PC.

Chomp SMS

Chomp sms app icon

Chomp SMS is another simple messaging app that you can try on your Android smartphone. The interface is simple than most messaging apps. 

You get to see different theme options to choose how your SMS apps look. There are no bloatware features that you wouldn’t like.

It is best for the devices having less storage, system capacity. It is more like an SMS app without any heavy requirements.

Over to You

That’s all about the Messaging apps to download on your Android smartphone. If you have anything to add, please let us know through the comments. 

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