Top 7 Best keyboard apps for Android in 2021

If you were looking for the best keyboard app for your smartphone, we’ve got you covered. We are going to share some of the best keyboard applications that you can use. Most of these apps are free to use as well.

We use the keyboard a lot in our day-to-day routine. Let it be while chatting, professional work, searching for something, etc. The best look & features of your phone’s keyboard app can increase your productivity.

Some of us like those cool keyboards while others prefer simple & professional. We have shortlisted the best amongst all of them, here you go.

Free download keyboard app for android device

Here are some of the best keyboard apps for android:


Gboard app icon

Gboard is one of the best keyboard applications that you can use. Most of the latest devices already come with Gboard pre-installed. The look and feels of their keyboard are pretty unique.

There are various themes available to choose your next keyboard’s style. You can even add a number row on the top. Along with all these, you can long-press to get the special characters.

It also allows you to enable suggesting contacts from the list. You can sync your library of personalized words. It has got the efficient auto-correct feature that is mostly accurate.

Microsoft Swiftkey

Swiftkey app icon

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard is another fantastic app that we would recommend. We all have trust in Microsoft when it comes to quality. This keyboard is as slick as we want.

This keyboard app is simple & unique. There are various themes available to customize it accordingly. The company claims it has fast & accurate predictions for comfortable typing.

You can enjoy the thousands of emojis with just one switch. Not only this, but it also has got a significant number of stickers & GIFs. It supports multiple languages, so you don’t have to worry about that too.

Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly keyboard app icon

Grammarly is one of the most famous platforms amongst many of us. They launched their Grammarly keyboard for android too. They are already renowned for correcting mistakes, typos, etc.

With Grammarly, you can get the predictions & corrections quickly. AI works perfectly for the recommendations on this one. You will see a lot of smartly chose words that you can use instead.

The theme & design of this application is fabulous. You can even swipe to type on this keyboard. It has many customization options & settings that you can use.

Bobble Keyboard

Bobble keyboard app icon

Bobble Keyboard is one of the most exciting ones available there. The main attraction of this keyboard is the preference for emojis. You will love the number of stickers you see on this keyboard.

It also allows the user to personalize those stickers. The app will give suggest stickers in real-time. There are many animated stickers available within the app collection.

You can even add your friends’ faces to those customized stickers. The app also has a “cool font” collection to type in different ways. This app supports all Indian languages as well.

Chrooma keyboard

Chrooma keyboard app icon

Chrooma Keyboard is another impressive keyboard that you may use. It is a minimalistic as well as stylish keyboard. The design of this keyboard is fantastic, and you will love it.

It has auto theming; that changes the color according to the app you use.  There are a lot of settings available to customize your keyboard. You can even get to see the recently used emojis directly.

You can quickly type whatever you want with Gesture typing. It also comes with the AMOLED dark mode for better usage. It also checks the grammar of words you type.

Fleksy GIF keyboard

Fleksy keyboard app icon

Fleksy GIF Keyboard is also a cool app. The design and aesthetics of this app are excellent. You can even add cursor control to this one. It has more than 65 languages available for the app.

You can customize the looks of your keyboard accordingly. The app focuses on privacy; it doesn’t store any words you type. You can choose your theme from many options available there.

The app has got significant numbers of GIFs available. With the gestures, typing becomes more comfortable & quicker. They use AI to predict words/corrections while you type.

Ginger Keyboard

Ginger Keyboard app icon

Ginger Keyboard is the next app on this list. It is a simple keyboard application. This app has got a lot of features that you will find useful. It has got spell-check and grammar check as well.

You can send emojis in just simple steps while typing. It can also predict the next word to complete any sentence. There are a lot of themes available that you can use to customize the looks.

You can use the swipe-to-type feature to type quickly. This keyboard has got a smart bar where you find useful tools. There are more than 58 languages available on this app.

Let’s Wrap

That was all about the best keyboard apps that you can use. If you have any other suggestions, let us know through the comments. 

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