Top 7 Best Keyboard Apps to Download for Android in 2020

Planning to switch your Keyboard app? We have the Best Keyboard Apps for your Android Smartphone. Apparently, These are some of the Most interesting & stylish Keyboard Apps that you can install on your device.

In the Google Play Store, you can find many keyboard apps that get the job done. But, How about installing some of the best keyboards having Great User Experience & Interface. We will solve the problem for you.

Whenever you type anything on your smartphone, the keyboard is the one that pops-up and gives you a good feeling whenever you type. In fact, You use your keyboard whenever you have to chat, search, write, etc.

There are various apps available on the Google Play Store which have some minimalistic themes & features. You must also require Auto-Correction, Swipe-Typing, Personal Dictionary, Multi-Language support & much more.

Here, We are sharing Most Selective keyboard apps that we chose for you. Download these apps on your smartphone & start customizing your Android Experience. Let us see which one you like the most.

Download Best Keyboard Apps for Free

We are going to share some of the best keyboard apps here. You get to know about their special features. Most of the keyboard apps have similar features but the one thing that makes them different is their usability.

You would love a keyboard with better design & user experience than having multiple themes in it. Even if it is simple, the keyboard app needs to be elegant & interesting to use. These are the Keyboard apps that you can download for free:


Gboard is the most interesting & elegant keyboard that we have found until now. It is one of the Best Keyboard apps that you can download from Google Play Store. As the app is made developed by Google, It is precisely made accurate to your needs.

There are various features that you would like about this app. Some of the features that we find interesting are Glide Typing, GIFs, Emoji search, etc. Glide Typing is similar to what you say as Swipe Typing, which you can use to type fast & easily.

Google has really done a great job of making this keyboard app. This is one of the finest keyboard apps that you would find on the internet. Also, It supports multiple-language so you don’t need to worry about word predictions in your language.

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SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard is another interesting keyboard app that you can try on your android smartphone. It is an amazing keyboard app with various features that you would like. This is a keyboard that you can customize according to yourself.

Swiftkey keyboard is one of the best Swipe keyboard app that you can find. As it says, Type Less Do More. You just need to swipe instead of taping on the keys. It takes less time & it is more efficient for your productivity. It has got the Spell checkers & auto-correct as well.

Swift Key allows you to customize your keyboard with more than 100+ colorful themes. Not only this, but You can also add your photo in the keyboard’s background if you like that way. It has the support of more than 300+ languages. Emoji keyboard shows you all the emoji you have.


Fleksy is another one of the best keyboard apps that you can download from Google Play Store. The minimal design & classy look makes it a great keyboard app. Not only this, but The keyboard also got various features that include Gestures, private typing, etc.

Fleksy makes it easy for you to type on your smartphone. With its minimal design, you get a good Interface whenever you type. You can also apply themes from more than 100+ options available in the app. Also, Send emojis in just one tap from the keyboard.

This keyboard has GIF Keyboard as well where you can send GIFs directly from the keyboard. Like other apps, You can control gestures in the keyboard which you like. Everything you type is private and stored locally on your device only, which is rare.


Bobble is a great keyboard if you are more into stickers or apparently, customized ones. This app lets you send your customized stickers with your own face which you can send in any app. This works perfectly fine while chatting with friends & family.

With its unique feature, It deserves to be on the Best Keyboard Apps’ list. Not only it does the regular task that a keyboard does, but It has also got amazing AI implemented features. It is a reliable, fast & smooth keyboard that you should try.

With the updates, This got even better. It allows you to send “BigMoji” directly in your chats. Also, This can do voice typing, auto-correction, text & emoji predictions using AI. When it comes to usability, It has got great UI/UX which makes sure the flexibility of the app.


Grammarly is one of the amazing keyboard apps if you are into writing professional articles from your device. It checks the grammar of your words and lets you know if it has any grammatical errors. As the name suggests, it is basically from Grammar checks but no, it is not.

It has got an amazing UI with a minimalistic approach. It is a simple yet classy keyboard app that you can use instead of your default keyboards. There are various features that make it one of the best keyboard apps available right now.

Grammarly can predict the next word or phrase with its Smart Predictions. This helps you to type fast on your smartphone. It also suggests alternate words that you can use instead of what you have typed. This keyboard app is compatible with almost all the apps available.


Chrooma is an amazing keyboard app for android devices. This app has got stylish looks & a lot of customization options. It is one of the keyboard apps that is Modern & Stylish. This app is powered by Artificial Intelligence and this makes it even better.

With the help of AI, this has achieved various features that help you to type in a more easy & fast way. This can let you send not only Emojis but GIFs as well. You can send GIFs directly from the keyboard in any of your messaging applications.

Chrooma has also got the colored Navbar, which automatically changes the color of Navbar according to the app which is running. You can add various gestures to make your typing even smoother. It also has the Popular Night Mode, One Hand Mode, etc. within the app itself

Go Keyboard

Go Keyboard is another on the amazing keyboard which comes with lots of customization & features. This keyboard has got a good interface along with gesture controls & much more. You get everything on this one that you need on a good keyboard.

Go Keyboard supports more than 60+ languages. It has more than 10000+ themes available which you can download and use on your keyboard app. It also supports Emoji & GIFs and has more than 1000+ of them available in this keyboard app.

Go Keyboard has got New Stickers support which you can try on various messaging apps. It includes more than 100+ Fonts which you can use to customize your keyboard. This app also lets you type anything from your Voice Input. It smartly auto-corrects any mistake in the word.


Why download another keyboard app?

Well, Most of the companies nowadays provide their own keyboard apps in their custom UI. But do you really love them? Well, what if you plan to change your smartphone? all your personal dictionary words will be gone, Right?

For these specific reasons, You should download an external keyboard app. It just works as easy as your default keyboard.

Is it safe to download an external Keyboard app?

Actually, It is not external. It is just an app that is not included in your Custom UI. This is just like the other apps that you install like Facebook, Instagram, etc. With the increasing personalization, Companies have focused on developing their own apps in their UI.

These apps are safe to install on your device. Make sure you are using the correct link to download and Play Protect is ON.

Final Verdict

That was all about the Best Keyboard Apps that you can download on your Android Smartphone. If you have any suggestions for the list, let us know, We will be happy to add your suggestions here. Also, share your experience while using these applications on your device.

We have kept this list as unbiased as we can. If you want us to replace any listing, comment down below. Also, If you have any suggestions/feedback/queries, let us know through the comments. Share this with your friends to let them know about some of the Best Keyboard Apps for Android.

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