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Top 7 Best launcher apps for Android in 2021

Are you a customization freak? Because We are. Most of us get bored of the default launcher after some time. There is an extreme level of satisfaction when you change the looks of your device. 

We are sharing some of the coolest android launchers that you can try. Most of these are available for free as well. If you want, you can play with their tweaks & get the best out of the launchers.

Download free Android Launchers to customize smartphones

Here are the Android launchers that you can try:

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the most extraordinary launchers for a very long time. Nova has always tried to push its limits. The modern & clean look makes the launcher popular with users.

If you are a fan of pixel devices, Nova launcher can provide you the same feel. They have many additional “pro” features that you may like (requires a purchase).

With the integration of various products, the Nova launcher can do wonders. You can customize the home screen, app drawer & much more. They also have adaptive icon shapes; you no longer need icon packs.

Lawnchair 2

Lawnchair 2

Lawnchair 2 is also an excellent customization app. The minimal looks & modern design create a beautiful impact. According to their social media handles, they are working again on development.

Most of the launchers have the same pixel-like design. You can play with their features & craft your home screen easily. It has a simple, flat design with modern features.

You can use various gestures with this launcher. Apart from this, Lawnchair 2 has the dark mode as well. You can use different shapes for your icons & labels too.

Shade Launcher

Shade Launcher

Shade Launcher is another app that we found interesting. We were looking for some modern yet comfortable launcher. The Shade launcher got our attention ultimately.

It worked perfectly fine for our 3-year old device. Whereas most of the launchers were having some lags, it was smooth. The animations & looks of this launcher were great.

Shade launcher is an excellent launcher in all aspects. If you are looking for a simple yet feature-rich launcher, this one is for you. You will get many innovative features on this one.

Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5 is also outstanding. It is a very popular launcher in the Android fanbase. It is one of its kind launchers, that is smart enough as well.

It has everything necessary for any creative launcher. As the name suggests, it is a smart launcher. With the A.I. doing its job, it can add a personal touch to your launcher.

You can use all the widgets, gestures & other features from this launcher. Also, it allows customization to a vast extent. You can even change the looks of the app drawer, wallpaper, icon shapes & much more. 

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft is well known for providing quality apps & a lot more. One of them is Microsoft Launcher. If you love minimalism with unique features, this is the one for you.

It comes with a lot of extraordinary features. You can add various gestures, personalized feeds & much more. Also, customization on this launcher is pretty comfortable.

Likewise, you can synchronize your settings with a Microsoft account. It also has the popular dark mode. Along with all these, you can even use this launcher in landscape mode.

Poco Launcher 2.0

Poco Launcher 2.0

Poco Launcher 2.0 is another one of the great launchers on the list. You can customize the looks & feels of your smartphone accordingly. It is a fast launcher too.

It has got the famous dark mode as well. You can go through various customization settings of this launcher. There are different icon packs available through this launcher.

As the company says, it’s a secure launcher (keeping privacy in mind). You can make the app categories/ group apps for feasibility. They also categorize apps according to the “colors.”

Pixel Launcher

Pixel Launcher

Google Pixel has its fanbase in all parts of the world. Google has made the Pixel launcher available for other devices too. You can get the feel of pixel devices through their launcher.

It is not as same as the latest pixel phone’s launcher. However, you can get the feel of a pixel device through this one. It has some usual customization settings.

As mentioned earlier, you will not get the latest looks, but it’s okay. The widget “at a glance” is also available that shows the weather/notifications.  You will need to try if it’s available for your device.

Let’s Wrap

That was all about the best launchers that you can download for free. If you have any other suggestions, do let us know through comments.

Feel free to share this with your friends & let them also change their default launchers. Follow us on social media platforms to get the latest updates as well.

Thanks, Peace.

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