Top 7 best Android launcher apps to download in 2020

Here are the Best Android Launcher Apps that you would like to download on your Smartphones. Are you into customizing stuff? Well, You are going to love this piece of work that we have done.

Android is the Operating System that allows most of the customization options on your smartphone. This includes the access to change your Default Home Launcher as well. You can install the Best Android Launchers on your device & Customize your experience.

We’ve collected the best Launcher Apps for Android and Curated a list of all of them. These are available on Google Play Store & You can download most of these for free. Now, You can enjoy customizing your android experience on your smartphones.

If you are a user who is still using an older device, this is the perfect solution for you. Now, You should download different apps to customize your phone including Android Launcher & never feel old.

According to the users, They have seen a significant change in the looks after upgrading to other Android Launchers than the default one. Check out all the cool best android launchers that we’ve shared & enjoy Customizing!

Best Android Launchers to Customize your Smartphone

There are various things that matter in customizing your Android experience. Home Launcher is the first thing that is important while personalizing your Android device. So, We are sharing the Most Elegant & Amazing launchers that you can download on your device.

Let us start with the Best what most of the users recommend. You can find a download link below all the Android Launchers that we introduce here. Have a look at these & Start Customizing your Smartphone according to your choice.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the Best Android Launchers that we can recommend you. We are using this launcher for the past few years now, The Pro variant is amazing as well. You get extra features on the Premium if you purchase it from the Google Play Store.

Talking about the experience, It gives you minimalistic experience. Just like Stock Android, You do not feel any ordinary look on this one. It is just like what you have seen on Google Pixel devices. The best way to introduce is the Pixel-Like Launcher for your device.

Most of the users want Pixel Like experience on their smartphone, This gets the job done for them. It allows changing app icon packs as well. You can enable/disable Swipe-Up to App drawer. There are many more features including Gestures, Hide apps & much more.

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Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is an Amazing launcher that you can find on Google Play Store. Talking about the launcher, it is developed by Microsoft. It is not like the ordinary launchers that you see, It has extra features with great User Experience.

Microsoft Launcher is one of the best launchers that you can download. It has various features like Customizing your personal news feed, tasks, custom app icon packs & much more. Not only this, but Microsoft Launcher can also connect your Pc with the device.

Microsoft Launcher comes with Dark Mode, which you can enable from the settings. It also supports gestures on the Home screen for various tasks. The app drawer organizes all your apps in a perfect manner. The UI/UX on Microsoft Launcher is much better than you expect.

Lawnchair 2

Lawnchair is another one of the best Android Launcher apps that you can use on your smartphone. This launcher is something advanced and experimental than Nova Launcher. It gives you great experience similar to Google Pixel devices.

The developers of Lawnchair put their efforts to bring most of the features from the Google devices. You will not feel much difference while using this simultaneous to a Google Pixel’s official launcher. This launcher has a great User Interface.

You will see most of the features that anyone could think of in the Launcher. Lawnchair 2 has the support of Gestures, Plugins, Backup & much more. You can perform various tasks on this launcher. Apparently, It has the best minimalistic app drawer & the home screen.

Smart Launcher 5


Smart Launcher 5 is another launcher that you can try if you are looking for a stylish launcher for your device. This launcher comes with amazing features built with great design. As the name suggests, It is the Smarter one.

This is a bright colorful launcher that you can use to customize your android experience. It comes with an Ambient theme that changes according to your Wallpaper. You can set different shapes for the adaptive icons on this launcher.

To give a Minimal approach & maximize your screen space, you can hide the navigation bar on this. There is no limit to add widgets on the home screen. This launcher is compatible with most of the widgets. You can enable Gesture, HotKeys, Hide apps & much more on it.

Poco Launcher 2.0

Poco Launcher is a lightweight launcher that you might just love to install on your device. As the popularity of Poco saw heights, The Company has made its launcher available for all. You can use this amazing launcher on any of your devices.

It comes with Dark Mode that most of you might like as per the trends nowadays. This is a Fast & Lightweight launcher that can work smoothly on older devices as well. You can do various things with this launcher including hiding apps, gesture controls, etc.

Poco Launcher allows the user to change icon packs for the apps according to their choice. You can secure your hidden apps with a password. Change color themes of the launcher from the settings. Different Categories label in the App Drawer. It comes with a convenient search bar.

Action Launcher

Action Launcher is another Pixel-Like & one of the best android launcher in the list. As the Pixel devices are creating the sensation, Most of the developers are trying to copy them. Although, It has various features that you would like apart from its pixel-like interface.

Action Launcher comes with a fully customizable dock search box. It also supports different shapes for Adaptive icons along with icon packs for the apps. This comes with the support to App Shortcuts which includes in-app shortcuts directly on the icon.

More than that, This launcher has Full notification support, Google Discover Integration, inbuilt Weather widget & much more. This comes with various gestures that you can edit for your home screen. You can play with this launcher around the customization section.

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is another one of the best android launchers that you can download. This is a simple, fast & lightweight launcher available on the Google Play Store. It has most of the features that you would expect from a normal launcher.

It comes with a similar dock that you see on Google Pixel devices. You can swipe up on the dock to launch the app drawer. It gives you close to Stock android experience on your smartphones. You can even hide your apps using this launcher.

Apex Launcher supports Themes, Notification Badges, gestures & many more features. You can add various gestures that can help you customize your experience on this launcher. The App drawer on this launcher organizes all your apps in a perfect order that you would like.


Why should you download another Launcher for android?

Well, to be honest, Default launchers on most of the devices are not creative nowadays. You do not get the experience that you should get on these default launchers. To tackle this problem, Custom Launchers are available on the Google Play Store to download.

Also, If android is allowing us to download & install custom launchers instead of the forced Default launcher from our companies, Why shouldn’t we?

Is it safe to use Custom Android Launchers?

It is safe until you download it from the trusted source/developers. As the Android itself allows us to install Custom Launchers, it is safe from the OS itself. All you need to do is check whether it is not having any malicious files before installing from external APKs.

We would always recommend you install from Google Play Store. Also, make sure you have enabled the Play Protect for your apps.

Should you buy Premium Version of these launchers?

Well, It is the best thing you can do to experience more features on the launcher. It will support the developer as well as provide you additional features that you will love. So, yeah, you should get the premium version as soon as you start liking the launcher much.

Final Words

These were all the Best Android Launchers that you can download on your smartphone. It is better to install custom Android Launchers in order to make your smartphone feel different. Also, If you have any suggestions regarding the list, Let us know through the comments.

We are constantly finding you the best apps like these on the platform. If you have any queries/feedback/suggestions, let us know about that in the comments. Share this with your friends and tell them about the best android launchers they need. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to get the latest updates, news, tips n tricks & much more.

Happy Customizing!

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