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Amazon fired employees who leaked Customer’s Emails & Phone Number

Amazon fired its employees who reportedly leaked emails and phone numbers of its customers. Amazon shared this info with the customers through an email that said Employee was terminated for sharing their data. Also, the company is supporting law enforcement in their prosecution.

According to the source, Amazon emailed its customers which told about the incident that took place. According to TechCrunch, The Spokesperson told that a number of employees were fired. The Email said there was nothing else that was shared with the third party except the email address associated with the account along with phone numbers.

Amazon’s Email to its customer said,”No other information related to your account was shared. This is not a result of anything you have done, and there is no need for you to take any action”. Amazon could not give the proper information about the numbers of the customer whose email and phone numbers were shared with the third party.

The company is taking care of the customer’s privacy and taking all the major actions in order to protect such incidents from happening. However, It is not the first time Amazon took this strict action on their employees. In the past week, Amazon fired four of its customers for viewing the video footage from Customer’s camera from the Amazon Ring.

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